Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Critter Profile:Nyrobi

Nickname: Robes
Origin: Woods Humane Society
Age: 3 1/2
Frightened of: Everything
Favorite Food: crunchies, straight up
Favorite Beverage: warm bath water
Fashion Sense: If he was human he would have a mullet and wear a Members Only jacket
Purpose In Life: Strictly ornamental
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dahlias Get No Respect

My dahlia definately agrees with Rodney Dangerfield, "I don't get no respect". I have to admit it is not my favorite flower, doesn't evn make my top 5. But when I look around in my garden in summer after the first big bloom of roses and clematis, what's blooming? Not much. But over in the corner the dahlia is blooming it's heart out. Nice big blooms too, nothing wimpy about it. So here's to the dahlia, a welcome sight in the middle of summer!
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Friday, July 6, 2007

A Bloom in Every Room!

Someone once said "a chicken in every pot" but my philosophy is "a bloom in every room". It doesn't have to be a grand bouquet-just a little snippet of something here and there. Even one frond of fern in a little bottle by the sink is nice. A little of God's creation brought into the house brings life to my home and a smile to my face as I go about doing my chores. If you have a wealth of blooms, consider sharing - your thoughtfulness might make someone's day!
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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Love-in a mist

The love-in-a-mist went from a nice little patch of blue in the garden to seed pods in about a week in the hot weather we had. Fortunately the pods are fun too. They look great in flower arrangements and make a great head for a flower doll.
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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fruit Harvest Continues

The cherry tree really outdid itself! We were able to give away cherries to neighbors and friends and even sell some at the produce stand where I work. I let my husband do the picking at the top of the tree ( I held the ladder) . I had never seen a cherry tree loaded with fruit before. Truly a thing of beauty!
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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Crackpots in the Garden

I love terra cotta pots but they do have a tendency to get cracked or broken. A good use for those pieces is to make garden markers out of them. Using a paint pen write a plant name, garden quote or ? and place in your garden. A fun way to put those crackpots to use!
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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

More than 5!

This year our cherry tree has more than 5 cherries on it! It may have over 100. This is a first! I think the tree enjoyed the nice cold winter we had. We may have to invest in some bird netting to keep the birds from stealing the harvest.
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Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Nice Surprise

This past week when I was deadheading roses (and deadheading and deadheading...) I had a nice surprise. As I clipped away at the Climbing Iceberg, I suddenly glimpsed this white clematis in all its brilliant white glory. One more snip and it might have been a goner. I hadn't forgotten planting the clematis several years ago, but I didn't realize it was still alive! I had to dig a little in my garden notes to recall the name of this beauty which is "Marie Boisselot". It is also noteworthy that the flower isn't riddled with snail holes. Maybe the chickens are earning their keep after all!
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Friday, June 1, 2007

Our Favorite Sweetpea

Everyone at our house agrees-this is the best sweetpea! It is
called 'April in Paris' and is one of the Renee's Garden Seed
varieties. The colors are gorgeous; cream and lilac. We
never got around to planting our sweetpea seeds this year
but fortunately we had a few volunteers. We only have a
couple of plants, just enough for a couple of tiny bouquets
per week. By the way, 'April in Paris' does have a divine scent!

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Monday, May 28, 2007

The Blessing of a Graduate

This weekend our son graduated from Sonoma State University- hurray! On hand to share the joy were his aunt and uncle who deserve some kind of medal for sitting through a three hour ceremony. Afterwards, per the graduate's request, we went to his favorite taco stand and had a fabulous post-graduation meal.
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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Clematis viticella 'Polish Spirit'

For years I drooled over pictures in gardening magazines of clematis and roses happily intertwined and blooming side by side and thinking "Wish I could grow some clematis" (it was more like pouting). Then, about 10 years ago, I went to a gardening friend's house nearby and she had an 8 foot tall purple clematis covered with blooms in the middle of her rose garden. " I guess they will grow here " I said to myself and proceeded to comb local (and not so local) nurseries for as many types as I could find. I have found that the viticella species are the ones that do the best in my garden, and I think the purple ones are spectacular. So, no more pouting about clematis. "But about those peonies and lily of the valley......"
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Friday, May 18, 2007

Critter Profile: Jasmine

Full Name : Jasmine Diamond Ariel Belle Barbie
Origin: Native Californian
Age: 15
Favorite Sound: the sound of metal on china ( spoon against bowl-may mean cereal or even better, ice cream!)
Greatest Assets to Household: Excellent motor, shreds any pesky little papers that fall to the floorPosted by Picasa,(including important receipts and homework assignments) ,superb at getting pens and pencils under the refigerator
Worst Habit: Getting into the butter
Hobbies: Chasing her tail and doing rolies on the patio

Monday, May 14, 2007

No Bluebirds Yet

The bluebird house sits empty. Last year by this time there was a nest and 6 eggs. They have come every year since I put up the house so I am hoping they are just late. Lots of other feathered friends around though. The orioles, titmice, thrashers and finches have all been very busy. Last week an old oriole nest fell out of my neighbor's tree. I found it laying on the driveway. It was an amazing creation made of pine needles, grasses. bits of lichen and moss and spider webs. As I write this , I am being serenaded by a multitude of different birdsongs - music to my ears.
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Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Blessing of Kidnips

KIDNIPS- That is my Dad's affectionate term for offspring. My husband and I are blessed with two kidnips-both currently attending college in Northern California. My greatest joy is that they love the LORD, Jesus Christ. My prayer for them this Mother's Day is this: "Let love and faithfulness never leave my children, but bind these twin virtues around their necks and write them on the tablet of their hearts. (Proverbs 3:3)
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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Poetic Pumpkins

It's time to plant pumpkins~ My husband and I have a business growing engraved pumpkins and squash (like the one above).
They are a blast to grow although they are extrememly labor intensive. Last year we grew and engraved pumpkins for family and friends as well
as selling a few through Ron's Nursery in Grover Beach and Susan Branch's store in the village of Arroyo Grande. For more pics of last years pumpkins see our seperate pumpkin blog at poeticpumpkins.blogspot.com.
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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Critter Profile: Rascal

Name: Rascal
Origin: Adopted from Wood's Humane Societyat age 2
Age: 7
Favorite Human: Kelli Anne
Girlfriend: Pearl
Best Trick: Carrying a Starbuck's Mocha, removing the lid, and drinking without spilling a drop
Second Best Trick: Bows to the Princess (for a cookie)
Least Favorite Humans: The Septic Guy and the electric meter reader
Worst Habit: Getting into the garbage in the house when Mom and Dad are gone
Nicknames: Furball and Sticker Magnet
Dislikes: Riding lawnmowers and fireworks
Loves: COOKIES and chasing anything that will run or fly
Favorite quote: WOOFIE!
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The Black Pearl

This is Rascal's girlfriend, Pearl. She is about a hundred years old. She showed up on
our neighbor's doorstep over 15 years ago, origin unknown. She is a good girl and
enjoys chasing cayotes (she brings up the rear) and watching the moon come up with
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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Eden Rose

If you like pink, this rose is the rose for you. I have this climber trained on a picket fence
and right now it is loaded with blooms.
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Kell's Rose

My daughter Kelli planted this rose down in the lower pasture . It has wonderful old fashioned deep maroon
flowers that last for a long time in arrangements. We have no idea what rose it is!
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Coral Dawn

'Climbing Coral Dawn' growing up into an english walnut.
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Roses, Roses, Roses

The lighter color rose is the David Austin rose, 'Ambridge Rose' and the darker pink is the climber 'Coral Dawn'. The 'Coral Dawn'
is actually dangling down from an english walnut it has climbed into.
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Won't You Come Into The Garden?

"Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you." Richard B. Sheridan 1751-1816
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