Friday, May 18, 2007

Critter Profile: Jasmine

Full Name : Jasmine Diamond Ariel Belle Barbie
Origin: Native Californian
Age: 15
Favorite Sound: the sound of metal on china ( spoon against bowl-may mean cereal or even better, ice cream!)
Greatest Assets to Household: Excellent motor, shreds any pesky little papers that fall to the floorPosted by Picasa,(including important receipts and homework assignments) ,superb at getting pens and pencils under the refigerator
Worst Habit: Getting into the butter
Hobbies: Chasing her tail and doing rolies on the patio

1 comment:

Candace said...


What a sweetheart Jasmine is! She doesn't look a day over 3 to me.

Speaking of jasmine, mine is all but dead thanks to the serious lack of rain, leading to almost droughtlike conditions here. Hopefully you are not having any such problem.

Your site continues to delight. Hope all is well.