Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Critter Profile: Rascal

Name: Rascal
Origin: Adopted from Wood's Humane Societyat age 2
Age: 7
Favorite Human: Kelli Anne
Girlfriend: Pearl
Best Trick: Carrying a Starbuck's Mocha, removing the lid, and drinking without spilling a drop
Second Best Trick: Bows to the Princess (for a cookie)
Least Favorite Humans: The Septic Guy and the electric meter reader
Worst Habit: Getting into the garbage in the house when Mom and Dad are gone
Nicknames: Furball and Sticker Magnet
Dislikes: Riding lawnmowers and fireworks
Loves: COOKIES and chasing anything that will run or fly
Favorite quote: WOOFIE!
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raymond pert said...

I have tagged you, at random, to join in a harmless meme. To see what the meme is and what the rules are, come to my blog: kelloggbloggin.blogspot.com

Chad said...

Aaron told me that he believes that Rascal is the Lone surviving Seawolf and the inspiration of SSU's mascot, as the comparisons between rascal and the logo are very similar.