Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shared Snowballs

I love, love , love snowballs! When they are blooming I want to fill my house with them. Sadly, my snowball bushes just are not thriving. I think I have five little snowballs on them, pathetic! friend Charlotte has a very healthy tall bush filled with blooms . Now a good friend would have cut a bouquet and given it to me and I would have loved it. But Charlotte is more than a good friend, she said "Come and cut as much as you want". So I did. I clipped to my heart's content and it was wonderful!

I think flowers look great in canning jars - the old blue ones are especially nice!
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Pammy said...

I love snowballs too! Good old Charlotte - what a generous heart! Thanks for putting me on your blog roll....LOVE your blog.