Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blessings: Daughters That Bake

I am so glad that both of my daughters (Kelli and new daughter-in-law Tasha)
have a love for baking, it is a passion we all share. To see them in the kitchen
coated liberally with flour and with a smile on their face, gives me great joy!

This past Friday, Kelli set up her bakery stand at Rutiz Farms. After arriving
home late Wednesday night, she was up early Thursday doing prep work in the kitchen.
By Friday afternoon there were chocolate biscotti emerging from the oven and
ready for sampling (I'm in charge of quality control) yummmm. Friday morning all kinds
of wonderful baked goods were produced and packaged including: biscotti, strawberry shortcakes,
lemon poppyseed scones, orange rosemary madeleines, blueberry muffins, lemon bites and
strawberries and cream cookies (made with strawberries from the farm). Then it was
off to Rutiz Farms to set up the booth and display. People were very supportive and Kelli
had a very successful outing!

Over the weekend we coaxed Tasha into baking us a pie (she is the Pie Queen
of the family). She obliged us by creating a delicious blackberry pie with some
of the first blackberries of the season. Her crust was buttery and crisp, one of the
best I've ever had. (must of been the pie bird!) Needless to say we devoured the
whole pie in short order!

Tasha had a chance to use the new pie bird Aunt Susie gave her.
Isn't he cute?
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Where's the cuteness?

The cute little balls of fluff have gone and left in their place.....pretty ordinary looking chickens.
Although Butter here would disagree. She thinks she is amazing with her blue feet and cream plumage.
About four more months and we'll have fresh eggs again, can't wait!
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sunflower House- The Good Guys Have Arrived!

I was happy to see some of the 'good guys' arrive at the
sunflower house. Ladybugs are a blessing in the garden-they
love to munch on aphids for lunch.

This funky growth is the sunflower's effort to regroup after having
its head bitten off by a deer!

The sunflower house this morning. The plants are a couple of feet high.
It isn't quite a house-but it is a room! I am tempted to get a cup of coffee
and sit inside and quail watch.
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Candied Rose Petals

Candied Rose Petals: It seemed like a pretty basic project
I looked up some instructions on the web and it
seemed very simple.....

1.) Find some luscious roses and gently wash
(I used Eden and Othello roses)
2.) brush with egg white mixed with a little water
3.) sprinkle with sugar
4.) Let dry
5.) Enjoy a little piece of preserved Springtime

Well this turned out to be a lesson in patience and perserverance.
Using a small paint brush I applied the eggwhite all over each petal and then sprinkled with
superfine granulated sugar. As I did my first tray full I was disheartedned to see most of them turning into a pulpy mess.
I was ready to throw in the towel but I still had a counter full of rose petals.
Plan B : Brush each petal with egg white only- no water added. Use a very gentle touch. Gently
dredge in a pile of superfine sugar- coating entire petal. Plaace on parchment paper and dry in
upper rack of dehydrator with dehydrator on for just a couple of minutes. Turn off dehydrator and let stay in there for an hour or so.
By then they were nice and crispy dry.

The end result of several hours work- a cute little jar
of candied rose petals. By the way -they really are delicious!
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Monday, May 4, 2009

April in Paris

After months of watching the sweet peas grow, they are finally in bloom.
This one is 'April in Paris' planted by Kelli a couple of years ago under the dining room windows.
It was nice enough to reseed itself the past two years . This variety also has a nice strong 'sweet pea' scent.
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