Monday, June 8, 2009

Mossy Monograms

One of my next projects is helping my good friend Laurie with decorations
for her daufhter's wedding at the end of June. One of the decorations will be the bride and
groom's initials hanging from two huge doors. Since they are covered in
dry sheet moss, they can be made ahead of time (Yeah!!) Step one involved enlarging
the initials(the copiers at Office Max could only take me so far) These puppies
are 18 inches high, which seems gigantic right now.

Next, I cut the letters out of green 1/2 inch thick styrofoam. Then,
I plugged in the old glue gun and started gluing moss to the styrofoam.
I started with the backside first and then moved to the front and sides.
Twelve glue sticks later I was done!

Buying sheet moss in the packages at the craft store is
really expensive. The better way to go is to buy a
whole box from a wholesale floral supply place. (My
thanks to Bobbi for getting this for me) Lots of moss left,
and many more mossy projects to go!
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judy said...

Great Job! Was it easier than outlining with glitter? Remind me to have you help me when Devon gets married.

Carol said...

Much easier than coating tiny little lines with glitter!

Pammy said...

Great idea - I love monograms....

ijudclaire said...

They look great

Emily B said...

these were ADORABLE!!! you and bobbie were AMAZING with all your skills and crafts and creations. i still can't get over how wonderful all the flowers and centerpieces looked. these moss letters are LOVELY and i may have to repost your DIY on my blog!!!!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

These are fantastic, well done!

Emily said...


Can I ask which font you used for the letters?

I am going to have a go at this and wondering if you've come up with any other advice than what is in your post. I wonder how big is too big for these letters...I have full sized foam core poster board and think that might be way too huge.

Carol said...

i think the font I started with was Varsity, and then I modified it my rounding the J. I used the green styrafoam in the floral supply section at Michaels. It is a little thicker than foam core.