Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Golden Razzies

The golden raspberries are finally in season
at Rutiz Farms. The variety
is called "Anne" and they have a wonderful
honey-like flavor. They are one of my favorite end -of
the-summer things. I recommend you try some if
you can find them. Of course they are best popped
into your mouth right out in the field, but they are good
in tarts and desserts as well. I had a wonderful peach and
golden raspberry crisp at Big Sky Cafe last week and
it was to die for!

The regular razzies and the goldens look beautiful together.
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Job Inspiration- Pallet to Palate

Monday evening in Shell Beach was beautiful and yummy. The third annual Pallet to Palate chef/farmer food event took
place at The Cliffs in a tent right by the ocean. Local farmers paired up with local chefs and wineries and prepared wonderful food for
us to taste. Jerry and Mauureen were kind enought to take all the Rutiz Farm stand workers to the tasting as a little perk. Mauren even made personalized wine glases for each of us. We (rutiz farms) were paired with Flatbread, one of my favorite restaurants. Clark brought the portable oven and they made fresh flatbread pizzas right on the spot. Two types: oyster pizza (they were also paired up with the oyster farm in MB) and veggie with fresh corn, cherry tomatoes, basil and peppers. I tried both and have to admit the oyster one was O.k. but the veggie was delish. They also served a wonderful ice cream sandwich that Brian Collins concocted: gingersnap cookies on the outside, blackberry ice cream on the inside-very good. They were gone in a flash. My other favorite things from the evening: a lamb dish by Maegan Loring, a pork loin slice topped with a fresh peach compote and a panzanella salad served in a cone. All in all a very fun and filling evening!
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Monday, August 3, 2009

A Job that Inspires-Sunday

Sunday's wedding was so delightful! The bride was
super creative and everything was so unique
and fresh. The theme for this wedding was
'Two lovebirds, wed on a summer's day'

See how fun my job is-beats a desk job every time!!!
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A Job that Inspires-Saturday

Most of you know that one of my part-time jobs is working
at the beautiful Dana Powers House in the garden and at the events.
This weekend there were two lovely weddings at the barn.
In between pouring glasses of champagne, I had time to
snap a few pictures. Saturday's wedding was very elegant.
Black and white with candles and twinkle lights making the
barn glow. A very cool giant monogrammed mirror was
hung on top of a sheer illuminated curtain behind the head
table for a nice focal point.

The barn aglow in candlelight and twinklelights.

The black and white candy station

This beautiful damask fabric was used as a runner on each table and
also on the beverage station and candy bar. It really tied the
whole look together.
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Introducing Sucree

The latest addition to our menagerie is little Sucre (suki for short). After losing our 17 year
kitty Jasmine about a month ago , we were ready to adopt a kitten. Kelli and I
looked at kittens for several days before finding 'just the right match". We were
on the hunt for a gray female and Craig spotted her: in front of PetCo with the feline Network.
She was born under a trailer in a trailer park so we call her a "Trailer Princess".
She was very timid and hissed at us and hid behind the toilet in 'her room' for
a couple of days, but after being held and petted almost constantly she
decided we were O.K. and follows us around demanding attention-I
told you she was a princess!-but an adorably sweet one!

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