Sunday, August 2, 2009

Introducing Sucree

The latest addition to our menagerie is little Sucre (suki for short). After losing our 17 year
kitty Jasmine about a month ago , we were ready to adopt a kitten. Kelli and I
looked at kittens for several days before finding 'just the right match". We were
on the hunt for a gray female and Craig spotted her: in front of PetCo with the feline Network.
She was born under a trailer in a trailer park so we call her a "Trailer Princess".
She was very timid and hissed at us and hid behind the toilet in 'her room' for
a couple of days, but after being held and petted almost constantly she
decided we were O.K. and follows us around demanding attention-I
told you she was a princess!-but an adorably sweet one!

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