Sunday, September 6, 2009

Homemade Vanilla

Making homemade vanilla sounds very 'gourmet' but it
is super easy. Yesterday, my friend Laurie and I got together
and made a couple of gallons worth.
To avoid spending a fortune making the
divine amber nectar, buy your beans in bulk. I bought
150 high quality vanilla beans on Ebay for about
50 bucks. The little vacumn packed bundles
arrived in the mail in about a week.

The next step is rounding up some tall glass containers
(large canning jars with lids work just fine) and some
vodka (cheap is fine). For a quart jar we put in about 10-12
split vanilla beans. We filled the jar with vodka and then put the
lid or stopper on. By Christmas, we will have plenty of
great vanilla to give away as gifts and to use in our
holiday baking. I wonder if we made enough?
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judy said...

Put me down to buy one Carol! You could sell this at the show.

Emily B said...

yummmm!!! carol, i need your email address!!!! can you email me at emilykbaker {at} gmail {dot} com????


A.Love said...
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Allegra said...

Oh Carol!! I'm going to share this with the world! ;) Also, where did you get the cute labels?!

Carla Reeves said...

Hi Carol. I just love your are sooo creative! Found you through my friend Jermaine of French-Kissed. We went to the Remnants Show and I bought one of your pumpkins to give as a Thanksgiving gift to one of my dearest friends who is having a large family thanksgiving dinner. I have not beenable to grow pumpkins or gourds on my acre in the SB foothills. Maybe next year you could give us a lesson on growing them...just one vine would be great. I also love your recipes, especially the vanilla one. Will put that on my list for next season. I have lots of lemons and am gearing up to make some limoncello. Carla