Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to Build a Scarecrow- Part 2

O.K., Now you have to figure out what you are going
to use for the head. There are lots of options;
pillowcases, pumpkins, paper mache, etc...
I had an old gourd kicking around from my
gourd crafting days so I decided to use that.
I cut a whole in the tip and slipped it over
the end of the board-easy. Then I gave her
some long curly locks- amaranth from the garden
glued on with hot glue.

This is the really fun part. You get to totally
customize your scarecrow- the sky's the limit!
My girl got a thrift store hat, some eucalyptus pod
eyes and buttons and a basket over her arm
for carrying all her wonderful flowers and produce!

We engraved a pumpkin to include in her display with
her motto: "Eat Your Veggies".

Here she is installed as part of our Harvest Festival display
at Rutiz Family Farms in Arroyo Grande. We have
two names for her , "Vegerella" and "Autumn", she
answers to both.
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PammyJ said...

SO cute Carol! Can't wait to meet her - and to buy a pumpkin to bring home to Idaho!

judy said...

I love it Carol! I cannot wait to see all of you in a quick two weeks. Hey, Carol, what doesn't sell at the show, would you like if I bring them to the CALM show?

Merle said...

Love her...she's the queen of the field. Looking forward to picking out my annual engraved pumpkin at the show in a couple of weeks.