Friday, October 2, 2009

Getting Ready for Remnants of the Past

My house (and shed, garage and car and Judi's shed) is currently
filled to the gills with pumpkins and squash that I am
getting ready to take to the Remnants of the Past antique
show on Oct. 10. That means Iv'e got a week to
finish tagging and pricing the little beauties. Alas, this
is not my forte. So, I am remembering how fun it was to play
'store' as a kid and how I need to use that same concept
with my pumpkins. In other words, don't stress, just
take joy in the process and remember whatever
we do, even in business, is all for God's glory anyway.
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PammyJ said...

Oh my gosh - I feel the same way about pricing - that's why I usually leave it for last. I think you package your punkins beautifully! I am bound and DETERMINED to get one home on the plane this year! (save a med. cute green "blessings" for me!)