Thursday, October 8, 2009

Setting Up at Remnants of the Past

Today was my set up day for my pumpkin booth at the Remnants
of the Past antique show. Thanks to my little elf helper
Charlotte, I have a good part of the set-up done. Of
course I will still be schlepping pumpkins tomorrow!

Gray Hartley is letting me sell his fantastic lazy susans made
from old wine barrels.

Judi Watkins was setting up her booth today also- lots of cool
stuff there-like this basket of silver and....

beautiful bunches of bittersweet she had shipped from
up north. Fantastic for fall decorating!
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French-Kissed said...

Hi Carol,

So glad you left a comment on my site so that I could discover who made the fantastic pumpkins and gourds everyone is flipping over. I am going to edit my post giving you the pumpkin credit and providing a link to your site. You have great ideas on your blog. Thanks for stopping by.


KarenB said...

I just stopped by for a visit from Heather Bullard's blog about your incredible pumpkins! What a great idea! I knew you could do that to pumpkins but never thought about such a fabulous application. I may post about it too. So great!

Karen @ Elderberry Street

Roxanne said...

Love your blog! Your pumpkins ae the best! Thanks for sharing such inspiring photos. Can't wait to come back. Blessings!

an encourager said...

My friend Laurie told me that she helped you this year (or, I think it's you...). Anyhoo, she also told me there's a spring barn show, so my BFF and I are going to find the date, and make a trip of it!