Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Glittered Acorns in a Nest


My friend Merle made the cutest fall display-glittered
acorns in a nest (she has it under a cloche-very sweet)
I decided to borrow her idea to make some gifts for
friends. Merle recommended the Martha Stewart glitter-
so off I went to Michaels with my coupon and bought
some brown and green glitter.

Before starting the glitterfest, I covered the table in
paper (this turned out to be a really good idea!)
I took my acorns apart and used a paintbrush to apply
the glue(I used clear acid-free craft glue because
I had it). Then I sprinkled and rolled the acorns
in the glitter, trying different combinations.


After they dried, I glued the caps back on the
acorn and that was it. I had some pressed oak
leaves, so I glittered some of those too. At
that point I pretty much wanted to start glittering
everything so I had to restrain myself.(who knew
glitter could be addictive?)

I had some blackbird nests left over from my booth
at the antique show, so I tried to carefully
arrange some of the glittered leaves and acorns
in the nest. As a final touch I cut out the
word "Thanksgiving" from a tattered old
dictionary and put it in the nest. Thanks
for sharing your idea Merle!
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Big Day for Arugula


Today was a historic day here at Old
Willow Farm. After months of waiting
we got our first egg! And it was a
beautiful blue one laid by one of our
Americauna chickens named Arugula.
(that's her baby photo above)
Theoretically, we should have had eggs
by the end of September, but apparently
our girls didn't get that memo. Anyway,
I think I made it happen. You know how
it always rains right after you get your
car washed? Well--yesterday I bought
a dozen eggs!
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Acorn Gathering


Today was a perfect day for gathering acorns. The
morning was nice and cool and fallish, so I headed out
with my faithful companion Rascal. Down our hill and
up the next we came upon the area where I had seen
the ground littered with acorns just a few days before.
Well--most of them were gone. We really had to search
(O.K., I did most of the searching-Rascal had a nap
under the trees) to find even a handful of possible
keepers, I guess the deer and other critters had beaten
us there. But that was okay, I knew another spot!

I drove to the next spot a couple of miles away and
this time brought something to collect them in.
I was remembering a special area that had cute
ruffly-cap acorns, and I was hoping they were still

At first , I was bummed because I didn't see any acorns
at all, but then I spied a few on one tree and then
on the next tree- I hit the mother lode and filled
my little Ziploc to the top. The funny thing about
the oaks with the cute acorns is they are the
ugliest little things you have ever seen. They
don't look like an oak tree at all- but they sure
have cute acorns!
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So what am I going to do with all these little
treasures? Well, my daughter had this idea
for using them as little gift tags and tying
them with baker's twine. I made one for a
friend and thought it looked really cute,
so I think I'll just use that bag of
acorns for my gift tags this Christmas.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Inspired Blogging

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I would like to give a shout out to a few bloggers that are over the top inspiring and helpful. First of all, a thank you to Clover Lane for her tutorials on creating blog headers and other blog self-help instructions. Frankly, much of it is over my head so I really appreciate a simple step-by step lesson. I followed her instructions on headers yesterday and although I need practice, I am on my way to making my blog a nicer place to visit.

Just this week I stumbled on a beautiful garden blog filled with lucious photos and dreamy gardens. The site is Styling Gardens by Coty Farquhar.i am sure many of you are already familiar with her beautiful blog, but in case I am not the last one to the party I just had to
mention it. Coty lives in Australia so she is currently posting on spring-it makes
me yearn for a tea party under a bower of roses.
She has some fantastic blogs to visit listed on her sidebar, one of them being Heather Bullard. Heather is a fantastic photographer and stylist as well and after visiting her site I am always inspired to feather my nest a little.
Fellow bloggers I salute you!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pecan Pumpkin Butter- A Failed Experiment

Pecan pumpkin butter sounds like it would be delicious right?
My taste buds anticipated something like a cross between
pumpkin pie and pecan pie-take away the crust.
What I got was a very tangy, spicy, mildly pumpkin
flavored goo which was not what I had expected. And
the color? Not a good one ( I spared you the photo).
Add to that the fact that much information on the
web says you should not can pumpkin butter
anyway (only refrigerate or freeze) and I guess you
could call it a failed experiment. So- onward and
upward, I only have about 220 more recipes in my
"to try " stack. I am thinking chocolate...

One of the remaining redbud leaves on the tree down in the
orchard-we do have seasons in California!
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