Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Inspired Blogging

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I would like to give a shout out to a few bloggers that are over the top inspiring and helpful. First of all, a thank you to Clover Lane for her tutorials on creating blog headers and other blog self-help instructions. Frankly, much of it is over my head so I really appreciate a simple step-by step lesson. I followed her instructions on headers yesterday and although I need practice, I am on my way to making my blog a nicer place to visit.

Just this week I stumbled on a beautiful garden blog filled with lucious photos and dreamy gardens. The site is Styling Gardens by Coty Farquhar.i am sure many of you are already familiar with her beautiful blog, but in case I am not the last one to the party I just had to
mention it. Coty lives in Australia so she is currently posting on spring-it makes
me yearn for a tea party under a bower of roses.
She has some fantastic blogs to visit listed on her sidebar, one of them being Heather Bullard. Heather is a fantastic photographer and stylist as well and after visiting her site I am always inspired to feather my nest a little.
Fellow bloggers I salute you!


Janean said...

just found your blog and have to say i've never seen pumpkins like yours. quite original and lovely! i too am thankful for all the tutorials. i feel so lost in the language of HTML...) *shudder*

Carol said...

Thanks Janean!
I was actually nervous typing in the links for the above post-never had attempted it before. Can you imagine? It can be so intimidating but so much fun!

Merle said...

Carol: Your banner and title look great.

Carol said...

It is thanks to you Merle for putting the link to Clover Lane on Facebook

Styling by Coty Farquhar said...

Dearest Carol,

Wow, thank you for your lovely words about my garden blog, I am both thrilled and honoured by your kindness.

It's funny, I was just wondering if I should actually close down my garden blog (running 2 blogs keeps me busy) and just have my main blog Styling which would still have lots of gardens, but you have changed my mind after reading your post.

Thank you and I wish you a wonderful week.

xx Coty