Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Big Day for Arugula


Today was a historic day here at Old
Willow Farm. After months of waiting
we got our first egg! And it was a
beautiful blue one laid by one of our
Americauna chickens named Arugula.
(that's her baby photo above)
Theoretically, we should have had eggs
by the end of September, but apparently
our girls didn't get that memo. Anyway,
I think I made it happen. You know how
it always rains right after you get your
car washed? Well--yesterday I bought
a dozen eggs!
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French-Kissed said...

Congratulations on your beautiful blue egg! I would love to have chickens someday and I especially love the blue and green eggs ~ we can sometimes get them at our Farmers' market here in SB ~ but lucky you ~ you have your own.

PammyJ said...

TOOOOO adorable. I just love you Carol. Break out the cigars!