Thursday, November 19, 2009

Glittered Acorns in a Nest


My friend Merle made the cutest fall display-glittered
acorns in a nest (she has it under a cloche-very sweet)
I decided to borrow her idea to make some gifts for
friends. Merle recommended the Martha Stewart glitter-
so off I went to Michaels with my coupon and bought
some brown and green glitter.

Before starting the glitterfest, I covered the table in
paper (this turned out to be a really good idea!)
I took my acorns apart and used a paintbrush to apply
the glue(I used clear acid-free craft glue because
I had it). Then I sprinkled and rolled the acorns
in the glitter, trying different combinations.


After they dried, I glued the caps back on the
acorn and that was it. I had some pressed oak
leaves, so I glittered some of those too. At
that point I pretty much wanted to start glittering
everything so I had to restrain myself.(who knew
glitter could be addictive?)

I had some blackbird nests left over from my booth
at the antique show, so I tried to carefully
arrange some of the glittered leaves and acorns
in the nest. As a final touch I cut out the
word "Thanksgiving" from a tattered old
dictionary and put it in the nest. Thanks
for sharing your idea Merle!
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Merle said...

So pretty. The dictionary "Thanksgiving" is a great touch.
I've been thinking of lightly glittering some curly willow branches.
It does get addicting.

Judy said...

I love them! Carol, we should get together after Thanksgiving and brainstorm for Spring with Judi about your booth. What do you think?

an encourager said...

What a darling way to decorate!