Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pecan Pumpkin Butter- A Failed Experiment

Pecan pumpkin butter sounds like it would be delicious right?
My taste buds anticipated something like a cross between
pumpkin pie and pecan pie-take away the crust.
What I got was a very tangy, spicy, mildly pumpkin
flavored goo which was not what I had expected. And
the color? Not a good one ( I spared you the photo).
Add to that the fact that much information on the
web says you should not can pumpkin butter
anyway (only refrigerate or freeze) and I guess you
could call it a failed experiment. So- onward and
upward, I only have about 220 more recipes in my
"to try " stack. I am thinking chocolate...

One of the remaining redbud leaves on the tree down in the
orchard-we do have seasons in California!
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Heather Bullard said...

Oh Carol, we've all been there. I once had a kitchen disaster by blowing up my disposal. At least you didn't have to call a repair man! On to bigger more chocolately things! Smiles, H

French-Kissed said...

Sad to hear about the pumpkin butter failure and yes chocolate does seem like a good comeback. But the photo of the pretty little redbud leaf lifted my spirits.


PammyJ said...

I hate it when that happens - take heart - you can't ruin a good chocolate recipe!