Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dean & Deluca- Favorite Things


While visiting our kids in the Santa Rosa area for
Thanksgiving, Craig and I had a whole day for
for exploring. I had heard that there was a
Dean and Deluca somewhere in the area, and so
we set off to find it. My sleuthing led us
to Healdsburg, where we soon found out I was
totally wrong! A nice shopkeeper told us it
was actually located in Napa. Anyway, we had
a lovely, lovely drive through wine country
and finally found Dean and Deluca right on
the side of the highway, just north of Napa.
I walked in the door, and I was in Disneyland,
really fun stuff! The first thing I saw when
entering the store was this gorgeous pile of
persimmons in a great metal urn.

They had several types of imported, high fat content
butter. I bought a pound for Kelli to try in
her baking. I'm thinking shortbread...

I loved the bread wreaths all piled in a basket.

I wanted to buy this box of candy just for the cute
box, but I had no idea what was inside!
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My favorite thing- tiramisu in a chocolate teacup.

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Heather Bullard said...

I am putting this on my list of my visit places. I thought they were only in NYC. Thanks for sharing! Heather