Saturday, December 19, 2009

Divide and Multiply


I like to buy pots of bulbs at stores like Target and
Trader Joe's to decorate the house with but sometimes
I am not too wild about the containers they come in.
I bought some white tulips and Star of Bethlehem at
Trader Joe's last week. The Star of Bethlehem was
so named because the flowers are shaped like the
star that God placed in the night sky over Jesus
to proclaim His birth.

I wanted to get more bang for my buck and divide
some of the bulbs to put in several vessels instead
of just one. Working outside, because it can get
a little messy, I assembled some of my milk glass
and some moss to cover the potting soil with. It
does not matter if the containers have drainage
holes or not, as this is going to be a relatively
short life for them (1 to 2 weeks)

To remove the bulbs from the container, just lay
them carefully on their side and gently pull the
pot off.

I wanted to put them into some vintage milk glass vases
so I needed to break up the bunch into smaller clumps.
As carefully as you can pull the bulbs and roots apart
into the desired clump size. There will be some broken
roots, but don't worry, they will still be fine.
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Put bulb clumps into a container that matches the size of
the roots. Make sure soil is moist(water lightly if
needed and then top with decorative moss if you like.
I placed my newly repotted flowers on the mantel
amongst the Christmas greenery.

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Angela said...

Simply stunning! Very creative.