Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Golden Opportunity


I am so excited to share about my latest adventure:
hunting for wild mushrooms, specifically the golden
chanterelle. I have been wanting to go "shrooming"
with somebody for years and today I got to go!
Wild mushroom hunters are a little reluctant to
share their secret spots and I don't blame them.
Enter my friend Whitney who generously offered
to take me with her and show me the ropes.

The chanterelles don't exactly stand up and shout
"Hey YOU, over here!" So you have to look for them
in situations they like, under oak trees with a
thick carpet of dead leaves.

Then you train your eye to look for that golden color.
Usually it is just dead leaves, but sometimes it is
a chanterelle mushroom barely peeking through.
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Working carefully, if you brush away the leaves
and dirt, you expose the whole cap of the
chanterelle and you can see how big your
find is.

We didn't use knives. Just carefully reached
under and detached the shroom. Here Whitney
is holding a freshly harvested chanterelle.

After several hours of hiking and hunting we
returned with our "pot of gold" , a few
pounds of the golden chanterelles, enough to
share with a few good friends.

A big 'THANK YOU!' to my M.M.(Mushroom Mentor) Whitney!

There was no 'poaching' involved in the
harvesting of these shrooms. It was all
done on public access land (my lips are
sealed as to the locations). Also no
animals were harmed in this production
with the exception of myself ( I had to
take two Advil and a hot bath afterwards!!)

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