Sunday, February 21, 2010

Willow Sweet Pea Support


You know those rustic woven willow obelisks that look
so cute with vines growing all over them? They look
pretty simple to make, right?
Yeah, that is what I thought too...

I have some little sweet peas that are going to need
something to climb on and since I am surrounded by
willow trees I felt it would be the perfect
solution to quickly throw together some willow
obelisks. Never mind the internet instructions
from BBC gardening that said to allow 2 hours per
obelisk; it couldn't take that long!

I cut a bunch of small supple willow branches down
by the creek and set up shop in my driveway. I
pushed the seven sturdiest into the soil around
the edge of a pot, gathered the tops together
and wrapped them with thin wire. Then,starting at
the very bottom, I started weaving the branches: over,
under,over, under...As it started getting a little
weird shaped, I realized.. this is not going to be
as easy as I thought....


Two hours later, I'm still not done but I am
getting there. Just a few more branches to
weave in. It may not be the poster child
for "pretty" but this baby has got 'rustic'
written all over it.
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ijudclaire said...

They look great. Now if I only had 2 BIG ones for you know where!

Just Jenn said...

I like them!! cool! ;)
Just Jenn~

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I love it! Very good looking, who needs perfect?

Anonymous said...
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tony said...

I think they look just fine - I would love two to use in a 6 inch pot - maybe 12" tall or so -do you sell these??