Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Borrowed" Wisteria


How appropriate that the wisteria was in full bloom on
the first day of spring. Alas, I have no wisteria in my
own yard, so I have to drive around town and enjoy it's
blooms from afar. I have always been curious as to
to whether wisteria could be cut and used in
a floral arrangement. My gas station has a
beautiful ginormous wisteria growing up a tower
in the front of the station, but yesterday I spied
wisteria creeping along the ground by the back
entrance.Time to satisfy my curiosity! Clippers in
hand, I "borrowed" a few sprigs and put them in a
watering can to start my experiment. So far I have
noticed that they are very fragile, but seem to be
holding up well. They would be really sweet used for a
spring tea party, but right now they will be a little
spring by my front door.
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