Saturday, March 27, 2010



I recently made these eggheads for a spring craft demo
and I thought I would share them here as well. They
are super easy to make. All you need to make them
are empty eggshells, a little potting soil, some
spring wheat seeds (health food stores have these),
and a sunny window sill. Rinse eggshells well in
warm, soapy water, let dry. Decorate as desired.
I used a fine point Sharpie marker. Then fill
eggshells almost to the top with potting soil.
Sprinkle generously with the wheat seed . Gently
water until moist. Put in sunny spot and keep moist.
Your eggs will have a head of hair in about
10-14 days.


If you wish you can make little egg carton stands
and use these as placecards for Easter brunch or???
This egghead has a ponytail but you can "style" it
however you wish, mohawk, buzz, etc..
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KaReN EiLeeN said...

Thank you for stopping by. As you can see, you were my favorite place to take photos of!! Of course, use them however you want.

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