Thursday, April 29, 2010

Almost Missing Spring's Beauty


All the rainy weather combined with getting ready
for the Remnants of the Past Show put me into a
place where I almost missed the beauty of Spring
all around me. This week I have slowed down and
taken trips up the hill to check on the bluebird
box and down to the orchard to see what's
blooming. In my fuzzy blue robe of course.
The lupine that seeded itself by a scrawny
oak tree is so purpley pretty.

My snowball bush is finally starting to get
some size to it- love those bright green globes!
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the ever-dependable climbing Iceberg

I think the author L.M. Montgomery (of Anne of
Green Gables fame) would call this cherry tree
"The Snow Queen"

The sprawling olallieberries already have green
fruit- maybe pies for Memorial Day?

The Golden Delicious apple is blooming down in
the orchard, lots of happy bees!

And in the corner, near the climbing Eden
rose, a wonderful surprise!

A nest full of sleepyheads...Shhh
i leave you with words of wisdom from
today's entry in 'Our Daily Bread'
"The many tasks we face each day
can burden and oppress,
But spending time with God each day
can bring relief from stress."

1 comment:

PammyJ said...

loved this Carol. I too get so busy I forget to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. I especially loved the sweet sleeping baby birds. Speaking asked about the three tenors???? we arrived home to find a new nest in the exact same spot, and mommy sitting on eggs - a new generation of tenors!!!!
love to you, my talented friend....