Friday, September 17, 2010

First Day of Harvest

Yesterday I was out in the pumpkin patch and noticed
some of the pumpkins were actually ready to harvest.
This is the fun part-seeing what happened after my
job is finished!

If you are not into chickens you will probably think this
odd ( if you are you'll totally get it), but I
think it is so cool that some of the green pumpkins
match the color of the eggs from my Americauna chickens.

Lovely in their greeniness!
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sactovlr said...

I live in the Sacramento area -- where can I find your delightful pumpkins?

Carol said...

I will be selling my pumpkins at the Remnants of the Past antique show in Nipomo on Sat., Oct 2,2010. As of right now I have no other outlets. Am toying with the idea of listing some very small ones on Etsy. The big ones are so heavy! Thank you for your nice comment

an encourager said...

I just passed your blog site over to this gal, who had a darling pumpkin idea. I thought she should see yours...

Angela said...

I'm dying to do this to my pumpkins and gourds, though after trying for three years I just can't grow them. Wrong soil. No matter how I make amends, can't do it. Great blog. I have been following for a while. I have a dilemma today though. I have recently viewed a blog post, made a mental note to go back to it, then forgot which blog I was on. So, my question is have you recently posted a blog about a new rug in your kitchen? Thanks.

Carol said...

No, wasn't me