Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Am Blessed

Last week was the fall Remnants of the Past antique
show and all I can say is
 "Wow!" and "Thank You!". We had a booth
where we sold our engraved pumpkins and
 we are overwhelmed by the number of
 people who fell in love with our pumpkins
and took one or two home. We are grateful
for every one of you!

I am so grateful for my husband Craig who spent two
weeks schlepping pumpkins from the field to the house
and then from the house to the barn. 


Thanks also to the sales team of Charlotte, Gray,
Emily and Craig who didn't turn and run
 when they were flooded with customers
 at 9 a.m.  And to all the friends who
helped along the way: Jerry, Betsy and
 Chris, Laurie, Judith Claire and Judy W.-
Thank You, Thank YOU , THANK YOU!
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Twigs Floral Studio said...

Hi Carol,
My name is Addison Searles. My mother and I have just taken over a Floral Shop in Danville, California. We bought a pumpkin from you the last Remnants Of The Past show in October. We absolutely love it and actually still have it to this day! We wanted to contact you and ask if you took orders, we would love to place orders for our clients up here. We would like for them to be able to have the pumpkins for Thanksgiving. Please let us know if this is something you do!

my email is
Thank you so much!
Addison Searles

Nicole said...

Hi Carol,

I commented on your other blog as well, a coworker of mine had some of your pumpkins at her wedding last year and I am interested in ordering some if possible for my October 2011 wedding. I live in the Bay Area but would be willing to drive down to pick up.Your pumpkins are so beautiful. Hope to hear from you.

Nicole Balthazor