Monday, September 5, 2011

Farming- It's always Something......

They say 'farming is not for wimps' and now I know why.
After many years of growing pumpkins I am starting 
to sing that country song,  It's Always Something.
  This year was no exception.  We started the
 season with seed that was not viable.  The worst 
varieties had 0% germination.  I ran around to all the 
hardware stores grabbing what seed I could find and
replanted the worst areas.  The germination problem
was followed by a massive invasion of beetles
 (not the British kind) that loved dining on the
young sprouts.  Some survived while others
 were reduced to little green stumps.  With
 cooler than normal temps, the remaining plants
sputtered along trying to gain some momentum and 
finally decided to try and bloom and set fruit even 
though it didn't feel like summer.  The end 
result: way fewer large sized pumpkins.  But 
the happy ending to this sad little pumpkin tale is
the small pumpkins and squash seem to be  doing
really well!  God always provides exactly what
I need and I look forward to the Harvest in just
a few weeks.


Lora said...

If I can't make it to ROTP, where can I buy your pumpkins????? I need them for out house in Old Towne Orange which will be on the November Home Tour!!!!
PleaSe heLp ME!!!!!!!!!

Ginny said...

I'm with Lora! Since I live in Alabama, I would love to know how I could buy some pumpkins from you, if I can't learn how to do this artwork myself!!! So perfect for Fall!!!