Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pink Pumpkin Project

You are probably wondering why this post is called
 Pink Pumpkin Project when it is quite obvious
it is not pink, but white.  Well, the deal is, we did
 grow pink pumpkins this year  but we were
not sure whether or not they would thrive
 and actually produce pumpkins.  We really
 wanted to have some type of pumpkin to promote
breast cancer awareness  month in October.
 so we decided to hedge our bets a bit and
engrave some of the little white squash
growing right next to the pink pumpkins
with encouraging messages.

This little guy says "pink" not because he is pink, but to 
promote "thinking pink" in October.

First day of harvest- hopefully  a box full of 

P.S. The pink pumpkins did grow!(more on those later)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carol - I love your pumpkins! I was wondering if I might have permission to use one of the pictures on my blog, Flora's Forum - for a poem I'm featuring in a week or so. The poet writes about her garden in October and the pumpkin she grew with her name scratched in it. Of course I would give you credit for the image! Thanks for your time.
Sandra Knauf